Lower School Uniform Policy: Grades K-5

  • Bottoms: khaki or navy blue skirts, shorts, skorts, pants, or jumpers
  • Tops:
    • Monday – red embroidered collared polo shirt
    • Tuesday – gray embroidered collared polo shirt
    • Wednesday – navy embroidered blue collared polo shirt
    • Thursday – light blue embroidered collared polo shirt
    • Friday – SCA Spirit Wear (may be purchased from approved uniform vendors listed below)

The school logo is required on all polo shirts.  Scholars may wear any type of shoes with their uniforms but should wear athletic shoes on the day they have physical education.

Middle/Upper School Uniform Policy: Grades 6-9

In middle and upper school, scholars are allowed to wear SCA Spirit Wear every day and are not required to wear the uniform polo shirts required in grades K-5. Middle and upper school scholars are required to purchase one red polo with the Spartan logo. Middle and upper school scholars are required to wear the red Spartan polo for special events, field work opportunities, etc. Ninth grade scholars are allowed to dress out of uniform on Mondays as long as the attire meets SCA dress code requirements.

  • Tops: approved SCA or Spartan Spirit Wear t-shirts, polos, or sweatshirt options purchased through an SCA-approved vendor
  • Bottoms: khakis, jeans (with no rips, tears, or emblems), or black, gray, white, or red athletic shorts or pants
  • Special Events: red polo with Spartan logo

Spartan Spirit Wear is available in the Spartan Spirit Store. If you purchase your shirts from an outside source, Arrow Screen Printing and Ink & Cotton offer embroidery on items you provide to them. Contact the vendors with specific questions.

All uniforms must be embroidered with proper school logos.  However, SCA’s standing policy is to mitigate any financial obligation for those families for whom this presents an undue hardship.   Parents and/or guardians who have concerns about the affordability of a school uniform should contact Keri Wilkin kwilkin@scintillacharteracademy.com and we will work with the family to offer assistance.

Uniform Vendor Information

ARROW SCREENPRINTING –  Arrow carries all polo colors and a range of sizes.  You may purchase shirts from Arrow at any time of year and they often keep popular sizes in stock.  Shirts that must be ordered are generally available within one week.  Arrow can also embroider SCA’s logo on uniform shirts or other items that you provide.  They have samples in the shop so that scholars may try them on if need be.  Arrow Screenprinting is located at 2003 W Gordon St, Valdosta, GA.  Please call the store for pricing: 229-247-0111. CLICK HERE to visit the Arrow Screenprinting online store.

INK & COTTON – Ink & Cotton carries all polo colors and a range of sizes.  You may purchase shirts from Ink & Cotton at any time of year and they often keep popular sizes in stock. CLICK HERE to visit the Ink and Cotton online store. They offer many different options for uniform shirts, khaki bottoms, and spirit wear with samples available. They are also able to embroider the school logo on items you purchase. Ink & Cotton is located at 600 N. Patterson Street, Valdosta, GA. Please visit their website or call the store for pricing: 229-262-2985.

SQUADLOCKER – SquadLocker is an online store that carries a wide variety of SCA Spartan Spirit Wear styles and brands. Once you click on an item, you will have the opportunity to choose the color, size, and logo of your choice. Items will ship directly to your home. All clothing items in the store are approved for Friday spirit wear for our scholars in grades K-5 and for daily wear for our middle and upper school scholars in the 2023-2024 school year.  CLICK HERE to visit their site.

R&S SPORTS – R&S Sports is located at 2133 N. Oak Street Ext., Valdosta, GA. R&S opens an online store at certain times throughout the year to allow SCA families to purchase SCA Spartan spirit wear.