The early years are some of the most important years of your child’s education. This is where his or her journey as a young scholar takes flight.  All children deserve a school that fosters their unique abilities, gives them the real opportunity to achieve high academic standards, and helps them take their full place in a society for which they are well prepared for when they leave school. There is no better place to develop a strong foundation for learning than at Scintilla Charter Academy.

Each day, SCA ushers in a world of incredible possibilities for our elementary and middle school-age scholars. From the time our staff members greet them in the morning car line to the time they say their last goodbye to classmates, scholars are building the skills, knowledge, values, and habits of character to grow and succeed.

Our strength comes from our collective focus on providing scholars with transformative elementary educational experiences. When designing our educational approach we ask: How well does it prepare our children academically, socially and emotionally? What opportunities does it provide for social development and a range of learning experiences? How well does it prepare children for citizenship and social responsibilities of the future?

​The day begins with Crew, a morning meeting in the classroom allowing children to settle in, greet one another, share news and stories, then start their day. SCA has adopted the EL Education model which addresses an expanded definition of student achievement—building students’ academic knowledge and skills, habits of character, and high quality student work. Learning Expeditions incorporate projects, case studies, experts, service learning and/or field work opportunities to promote a deep engagement in learning and support our scholars to achieve at high levels. Art, physical education, music, spanish and technology are provided as elective classes to enhance and expand scholar’s learning.

Families are welcomed into the school and their participation in every aspect of a scholar’s educational journey is expected. All families are encouraged to commit twenty hours per school year to volunteer opportunities. We strongly believe that family support and involvement are essential to success.

At SCA, our scholars participate in meaningful learning opportunities that help them create rich lives as reflective learners who can have a positive impact in their school and local community. When a child ends his or her fifth grade year, he or she advances with a love for intellectual, social, physical and creative endeavors, an openness to consider different points of view, a strong ethic of care, and the confidence to take risks, lead and pursue his or her dreams. Most importantly – a child leaves with the foundation to be a lifelong learner and caring member of a community.

​Come see for yourself what makes SCA so special!  Call 229-244-5750 to set up a tour.

Georgia law grants groups the right (or “charter”) to start new public schools that report to the state Department of Education and to their own independent governing boards. By freeing charter schools from many of the constraints of traditional public schools, charter school law in Georgia intends for charter schools to “increase student achievement through academic and organizational innovation”.

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