The Scintilla Standards are the foundation on which our school’s culture is built.

These standards are taught and modeled daily so that these fundamentals become second nature.

  1. When speaking to someone try your best to make eye contact and be a good listener.
  2. It’s always polite to respond when someone is speaking to you.
  3. Respect others opinions, ideas, and suggestions.
  4. Always be a good winner and better loser.
  5. It’s never okay to roll your eyes or use disrespectful gestures.
  6. It’s okay to be happy when you do something well, but remember to not ask for a reward.
  7. Saying thank you is one of the most important things you can say!
  8. Use good manners in the hallway by being quiet and respecting of other scholars learning.
  9. People feel important when you are able to remember their names.
  10. Use your good manners in the restroom… wash your hands and remember to throw away your trash.
  11. It’s not polite to stare when others are being reprimanded.
  12. Make sure to always clean up after yourself in all places.
  13. When someone introduces you to a new person, make sure to shake their hand and say “nice to meet you.”
  14. It’s always polite to hold the door open for someone who is close behind you.
  15. Use your best manners and be respectful at community circle and any other assembly.
  16. Everyone makes mistakes!! When you do use them as an opportunity to learn and make better choices next time.
  17. Being honest is always for the best in every situation.
  18. It is NEVER okay to bully or meanly tease anyone!
  19. Always do your best!
  20. Try to see the positive things in all situations..look for the bright side and you will find it.