The mission of Scintilla Charter Academy is to provide a deeper learning experience in which each child is empowered through creativity, collaboration, inquiry, and critical thinking to achieve his or her unique potential and acquire a love of learning, along with a strong sense of community and character.


Scintilla Charter Academy was awarded its charter in 2014 and operates under the authority of the State Charter Schools Commission. The State Charter Schools Commission holds SCA accountable in the areas of high student academic achievement, sound financial management, and organizational stability. The definition of the word scintilla is a tiny spark. The goal of Scintilla Charter Academy is to ignite a spark in our scholars as we inspire in them a love for learning.

Charter schools are free public schools open to any child who resides in the school’s attendance zone. Since SCA opened in August 2015 as a K-4  school, the school has expanded vertically to add additional grade levels. Any child in kindergarten through eighth grade who resides in SCA’s attendance zone of Valdosta, Lowndes County, and Brooks County may apply to attend Scintilla. SCA is open to students of all ability levels, including but not limited to special education, gifted students, and English Language Learners.

In February 2023, the State Charter Schools Commission voted to renew SCA’s charter for five years, the maximum amount of a charter renewal term. The State Charter School Commission also voted to approve SCA”s expansion to add grades 9-12, one grade at a time, beginning with the addition of the ninth grade in the 2023-2024 school year.