Our Beliefs

Our strength comes from a collective focus to reimagine education for our scholars in the changing world in which we live. SCA strives to combine the best educational practices with the most current innovative approaches to learning. It is our desire to create an educational community of creative, joyful, compassionate learners who courageously use innovative thinking to grow up to become active contributors to building a better world.

SCA uses an educational model which addresses an expanded definition of student achievement–building students’ academic knowledge and skills, habits of character, and high-quality student work. At the heart of our educational framework is the focus on creating opportunities for deeper instruction. This model of deeper instruction promotes deeper learning in our scholars which is defined by six outcomes of mastery of core academic content, critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, effective communication, self-directed learning, and academic mindsets.

​Our goal is to create an educational approach to learning that fosters–instead of hampers–creativity and innovation. The purposeful integration of the arts can enliven and deepen teaching and learning. It is the foundation of the creation of high-quality student work and student achievement in all disciplines.  Instruction in and through the arts challenges, engages, and empowers SCA scholars to work toward quality and artistry in all things.

Inspiring Minds Through Meaningful Learning

The early years are some of the most important years of your child’s education. This is when his or her journey as a young scholar takes flight.  All children deserve a school that fosters their unique abilities, gives them the real opportunity to achieve high academic standards and helps them take their full place in a society for which they are well prepared when they leave school. There is no better place to develop a strong foundation for learning than at Scintilla Charter Academy.

At SCA, our scholars participate in meaningful learning opportunities that help them create rich lives as reflective learners who can have a positive impact on their school and the local community.  SCA’s inquiry-based approach to education fosters creativity, promotes academic excellence, nurtures human relationships, and inspires a growing passion for learning.  SCA strives to foster in all children an openness to consider different points of view, a strong ethic of care, and the confidence to take risks and pursue their dreams. ​Most importantly – a child leaves with the foundation to be a lifelong learner and caring member of a community.

Supporting a School-wide Culture of Compassion

Each day, SCA ushers in a world of incredible possibilities for our scholars. From the time our staff members greet them in morning car line to the time they say their last goodbye to classmates, scholars are building the skills, knowledge, values and habits of character to grow and succeed. SCA’s commitment to providing a nurturing community that holds and cares deeply and authentically for our scholars, families, and staff members is apparent when you enter our building. James Corner said, “No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.” SCA shares his perspective and begins each day in our elementary classrooms with Crew, a morning meeting in the classroom allowing children to settle in, greet one another, share news and stories, then start their day. Middle school scholars also have a designated advisory block each day to provide a space for building relationships for our older scholars. Each Friday, our elementary school “Crew” gathers together in the dining room for Community Circle and families and community members are invited to attend. Middle school scholars gather each Friday in the dining room for the “Spartan Showcase”.