SCA’s curriculum is rigorous and standards-based. All scholars participate in language arts, math, social studies, and science as part of their regular classroom instruction. In addition, scholars participate in a variety of elective opportunities to enrich classroom learning and challenge them to think and grow in new ways.

The Georgia Standards of Excellence are used to guide learning at SCA. SCA’s educational approach is grounded in the belief that studying something in depth will help scholars develop life-long learning skills more successfully than studying a broad range of topics in less detail. The curriculum framework used at SCA outlines essential areas of study in science and social studies for each grade level. While teachers at SCA cover all of the Georgia Standards of Excellence for each child in a grade, two to three areas of study are explored in much greater depth each year. The curriculum is structured in this way to provide an interdisciplinary framework on which all children can build their understandings year after year. All units of study involve intensive research, reading, writing, scientific exploration, and real-world application. SCA’s curriculum offers challenging, interesting content for scholars of all ages and ability levels. In addition, the school places particular emphasis on social-emotional development and the integration of the arts.

Instruction at SCA