After thoughtful consideration, SCA’s governing board approved to amend the 2019-2020  school calendar to designate Friday, April 30th, 2020, as the last day of school for the 2019-2020 school year. On this date, scholars will be released for summer break.

SCA’s governing board also voted to amend the 2020-2021 school calendar to include additional instructional days to teach standards that were not covered in entirety during the 2019-2020 school year. The calendar amendments will be far more effective in reaching all scholars than continuing with distance learning for the remainder of the 2019-2020 calendar year. Please keep in mind,  the amended start date and 2020-2021 calendar are both subject to change based on government mandates and guidance to ensure the safety of our SCA family. Click here to view the amended 2020-2021 calendar.

*Updated on 4/14/20

  • Report Cards were scheduled to go home on Monday, March 23rd, 2020. How will these be delivered?
    Parents can access their child’s report card via our Infinite Campus Parent Portal. If you need assistance in setting up your account or have further questions, please email Kay Hardesty at
  • Will there be a report card for the fourth nine-weeks?
    No, assignments administered through distance learning will not be graded; therefore, a report card will not be generated for the fourth nine-weeks. Scholars will receive a final grade of “pass” or “fail” based on performance through the end of the third nine-weeks.
  • How will decisions regarding promotion and retention be made?
    If retention alert meetings were already held prior to March 13th, 2020 and the recommendation at that time was for the scholar to be retained, the recommendation will be honored. All other scholars will be promoted to the next grade level. Please contact your child’s teacher if you have further questions.
  • Where can I find the school calendar for the 2020-2021 school year?
    The 2020-2021 calendar can be found here on the SCA website. The calendar has been amended to communicate to our families our intended plan for next year; however, the amended start date and 2020-2021 calendar are both subject to change based on government mandates and guidance to ensure the safety of our SCA family.
  • What if my family already has travel plans scheduled during July 23rd and August 5th? How will this affect attendance?
    SCA understands that the calendar adjustment may overlap with travel plans that have already been scheduled. If this situation applies to your family, please submit this in writing to for administrative review.
    My child will be moving to another school year, what do I need to do at this time?
    Please complete the digital records release form located here. Once the staff is allowed back in the building, your child’s records will be sent to the school they will be attending next year.
  • When will I receive more information about next year? For example, information on school supply lists, the date for open house, teacher assignments, etc.?
    Further information will be sent out via email over the next several months to all new and returning scholars with additional details for the 2020-2021 school year. If you do not currently receive emails from SCA, you can be added to the contact list by adding your information here. 
  • Will my Ignite payment be refunded? 
    Refunds will be provided for any pre-payment made for Ignite days your child did not participate in (March 16th forward). Refund checks will be mailed to the address we have on file for your scholar as soon as they can be processed. If you have any questions please email Mrs. Hodges:
  • Will my scholar’s lunch money be refunded?
    Any school nutrition credit currently on your scholar’s account will roll over to the next school year.  If you would like to request a refund please contact Mrs. Sylvia Wade at
  • Will my scholar’s field trip payment be refunded?
    Payments made for field trips that were scheduled after March 13th will be refunded.  Refund checks will be mailed to the address we have on file for your scholar as soon as they can be processed.
  • What about Field Day T-Shirts?
    Ink & Cotton will not be able to process any refunds at this time for the field day shirts. Everyone will still receive their shirts and we are working on scheduling a day for contactless pick-up at Ink & Cotton (600 N. Patterson Street, next to Ming’s Chinese near downtown) after we return to work April 14 and the shelter-in-place order is lifted. A follow-up email will be sent once we determine when we will be able to come back to work and schedule a day for this. Due to the shelter-in-place order, Ink & Cotton’s storefront will be closed through April 13 and re-open Tuesday, April 14 unless the shelter-in-place order is extended. If you need to contact us during this time, we will be working from home and you can call the office number 229-262-2985 or email us at with any questions or concerns, or to place an order.
  • How can I view & order my scholar’s Spring pictures?
    BPI Photography has your scholar’s spring picture proofs up on their website (  If you would like to gain access to the proofs and have an opportunity to order them, you can reach out to any of the following email addresses and they will provide you with a secure log-in to view and order online.
    At this time, the staff of BPI is working remotely so they will not be monitoring their office phones.
  • Will we have a yearbook for the 2019-2020 school year?
    Mrs. Erb-Summers and Ms. Byrd have been working hard to make sure we have a yearbook for the 2019-2020 school year.  We are working on a plan regarding yearbooks and will keep you posted as we determine the next steps.  Fortunately, we had not begun taking orders for yearbooks, but we will be able to make them available for purchase next school year.

If you have any additional questions, please contact your child’s teacher or send an email to