You may be wondering…what is a Celebration of Learning?

One of our three dimensions of achievement at SCA is the ability to produce high-quality work. Rather than a “one and done” traditional approach where students turn in a first draft for a grade, our curriculum approach incorporates multiple drafts to build a growth mindset in every scholar. Our desire is for children to look at any task, at school or outside of school, and know that there is always room for growth and the ability to do something better than their first try.

Along with building a growth mindset, we feel that an important component required for children to do their very best is the opportunity to share their high-quality work with an authentic audience. Consider your child’s level of motivation when preparing for a sports performance, a dance competition, or a reading bowl. There is no doubt that children’s motivation increases when they know they are working for not just their teacher alone but their teacher, peers, family, and members of the community. A Celebration of Learning provides this opportunity for SCA scholars.

Your scholar’s presence is a very important part of the Celebration of Learning. SCA scholars celebrate their learning during Student-Led Conferences, Community Circle, Spartan Showcase, and additional Celebrations of Learning throughout the year.